How to complete and correct the FAA Medical Application (MEDXPRESS)

FAA medical certification applications are always at the forefront of discussions concerning pilot medical certification. Arrests and actions by the FAA against pilots and air traffic controllers are often tied to information provided or omitted on the FAA medical application (MEDXPRESS). Due to recent arrests and career terminations, many pilots and controllers have come forward to gain amnesty for previously unreported conditions.

Failure to report medical conditions on FAA medical applications has raised concerns for pilots, controllers, the Veterans Administration and others. This is a precarious process for which pilots, controllers, employers and unions seek guidance. Pilot Medical Solutions provides guidelines to preserve FAA medical certification and encourage safe disclosure of information.

The application for an airman medical certificate (FAA Form 8500-8) is used by the FAA’s Office of Aerospace Medicine and their Designated Aviation Medical Examiners (AMEs) to record historical information provided by the pilot or controller applicant and also to record the results of the examination by the AME. The goal is to determine initial and future medical qualification for duty.

When there is a need to correct information provided or omitted during FAA medical applications it is essential that the effort or correction provide the best possible protection from adverse FAA action. Pilot Medical Solutions is in constant communication with the FAA and provides practical guidance to pilots and air traffic controllers. This assures career jeopardizing choices are clearly understood. Conditions reported to the FAA often require additional evaluation and extensive documentation prior to medical certification. All documentation related to any medical condition should be reviewed by Pilot Medical Solutions for quality and completeness BEFORE your airman medical examination.

FAR 67.403 Falsification of the airman medical application form 8500-8 may result in adverse action including fines up to $250,000, imprisonment up to 5 years and revocation of medical and all pilot certificates.

FAA Airman Medical Exam Application Form


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