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Dr. Warren Silberman, FAA Medical Certification Chief and David Hale, Pilot Medical Solutions

I have been working with David Hale and Pilot Medical Solutions
for 15 years -- Great to work with, very knowledgeable about
the FAA's requirements.
- Dr. Warren Silberman


Accelerated FAA Medical Certification

Pilot Medical Solutions, Inc. is located near the FAA in Oklahoma City. We Provide Confidential FAA Medical Support. Our website, (, is the award winning place where Pilots, Airlines, Attorneys, Air Traffic Controllers and Aviation Medical Examiners (AME's) obtain information and assistance.

You will find an exclusive list of flight surgeons who are pilots and aviation medical examiners, hundreds of pages of free aeromedical information, FREE accurate anonymous answers to aeromedical questions, pre-certification screening and online practice FAA medical evaluations.

Additional resources include: Tips for passing your next FAA medical exam, FAA approved medications, Special Issuance (waiver) specifications, proprietary physical and psychiatric fitness strategies, the AME Guide, the Federal Air Surgeon's Bulletin, fitness & nutrition information, FAA medical regulations for pilots and FAA medical standards & protocols.

Our service features: accelerated FAA medical certification, confidential assistance for airlines, corporate and private pilots, amnesty petitions for previously unreported conditions, no travel required to obtain support, use of your own private physicians, support for Basic Medical Rules and Sport Pilot operations and most importantly, person to person hands-on collaboration with you and your doctors.

Our expert aviation medicine staff has helped thousands of airline captains, corporate and private pilots with virtually every issue related to FAA medical certification. Our exclusive pro-active support assures the fastest possible return to flying status and minimal medical costs.

Pilot Medical Solutions has offices located near the FAA in Oklahoma City. Our unparalleled independent service affords secure fast submission of records and close monitoring of individual case progress. 

When airlines, pilots and aerospace medicine physicians are looking for answers they turn to Pilot Medical Solutions. Only Pilot Medical Solutions provides fast confidential personalized aerospace medicine answers and accelerated FAA medical certification assistance.



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