FAA Medical Certification: Confidential Evaluations

Our confidential evaluations tell you what you need to know BEFORE your next FAA medical exam.

Prepare for your next FAA medical exam with our exclusive pre-certification evaluations. – FAA Medical Practice Test

Waiting on the word from the FAA? We can help you today! – FAA Medical Status Check

Are you fit-to-fly? Our short quiz goes beyond the go-no-go question. – Flight Fitness Quiz

Have a question about a medication? Read the FAA’s position on a variety of medications or submit a medication for a confidential review. – Medication Inquiry

Do you see what other eyes see? Review the FAA’s vision standards or test your near, distant or color vision. – Vision Testing

How does a hearing test sound? Most AME’s use the conversational voice test. While this is all that is required, some examiners use testing equipment which emits 4 frequencies. Listen for them now. – Audio Test

Looking for tips on how to pass your next FAA exam? – Exam Checklist

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