FAA Medical Certification Amnesty for Previously Unreported Conditions

FAR 67.403 Falsification of the airman medical application form 8500-8 may result in adverse action including fines up to $250,000, imprisonment up to 5 years and revocation of medical and all pilot certificates.

Revealing previously unreported medical conditions to the FAA need not automatically initiate adverse FAA action. Pilot Medical Solutions has assisted many pilots with this delicate process.

Obtaining amnesty or FAA medical history correction through Pilot Medical Solutions is fast and affords the greatest degree of confidentiality.  Medical certification approval is typically determined on the basis of the pilots’ current medical status.  A letter of correction is one of many possibilities to correct incomplete or innacurate FAA medical records. When a pilot self-discloses previously unreported medical issues, this is generally considered to be a mitigating action.

Information/falsification reported as a result of discovery during an investigation, following an aircraft mishap, or by anonymous reports through the FAA “Hot Line”, usually do not have the same protection from adverse actions.  More Information


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