Pilot Medical Solutions Reviews

Pilots and Medical Examiners throughout the world recognize Pilot Medical Solutions as the solution for FAA medical certification success. Here’s what airline pilots, AME’s and trade pro’s are saying about Pilot Medical Solutions:

Dr Samuelson MD AME“Because they assist you in getting your records properly prepared and walking the information through the FAA, they can often accomplish in days what may take months for other sources, including your AME, to do.”
Erwin L. Samuelson, M.D., Senior AME, Redondo Beach, CA

“Pilot Medical Solutions can help get things moving. They really helped me with my personal FAA medical certification.”
– Robert Johnston, MD, Cardiologist, FAA Cardiac Panel Physician (Retired), Senior AME for 40 years

Business and Commercial Aviation Magazine“Just as rehearsals are good for show business, they also can be valuable in the medical certification process.   Pilot Medical Solutions of Tulsa has a new medical protection program that pre-qualifies pilots before they apply for their medical certificates.”
– Business and Commercial Aviation Magazine

“I have been working with David Hale and Pilot Medical Solutions for 15 years –Great to work with, very knowledgeable about the FAA’s requirements.”
– Dr. Warren Silberman, Former FAA Aerospace Medical Certification Chief

Aviation Week and Space Technology“Personalized support through proactive FAA medical case management, working directly with private physicians to retrieve, review, organize and submit medical records required by the FAA.”
– Aviation Week & Space Technology

“The efforts of Pilot Medical Solution’s staff were directly responsible for enabling my lifelong dream to come true”
– Dustin K., Michigan

Dr Guy Baldwin AME“Pilot Medical Solutions provides professional support for pilots and AME’s that I believe is crucial to streamlining aeromedical care.”
Dr. Guy Baldwin, Senior AME, Tulsa, Oklahoma

“I would not have a medical certificate today if it were not for Pilot Medical Solutions. The Service was Top-Drawer from the moment I called asking for help.”
– J. Morrow, California

Rotorcraft Aviation Medicine“Pilot Medical Solutions is located in Oklahoma and can often accomplish in days what may take months for other sources, including your AME, to do.”
– Rotorcraft Professional Magazine PDF

“This morning, I had the pleasure of speaking with David Hale, CEO of Pilot Medical Solutions. Mr. Hale is an articulate, congenial, exceptionally informed advocate for pilots. He is able to cut through the static and provide real-world advice and solutions for pilots seeking to navigate the complex requirements for FAA approval to fly with medical challenges.”
– WS Gould, MD

Private Pilot Magazine“This company helps pilots protect their medicals.”
– Private Pilot Magazine

“Pilot Medical Solutions has the experience, relationships and knowledge to successfully manage any case with the FAA…
their service is a “must have” for any pilot wishing to protect their ability to fly.”
– R. Vega, Madison, WI

EAA Sport Aviation Magazine“Pilot Medical Solutions, a Tulsa, Oklahoma organization, that specializes in assisting aviation medical examiners”
– EAA Sport Aviation Magazine : EAA’s Oshkosh Air Adventure

“Pilot Medical Solutions has been handling my case for the past 12 years and they have done an excellent job.”
– Tom Kiley, Milford, PA

In Flight USA Magazine“The program is confidential and aims to provide pilots with a safe environment for them to face health issues.”
– In FLIGHT USA Magazine

“I thought mine was a hopeless case. Through your hard work, my dream has been restored”
– Ben Whitley, Attorney at Law

Flying Magazine“Pilot Medical Solutions has a program with the dual objectives of helping pilots get in shape and assisting them in negotiating the medical process.”
– FLYING Magazine

“Excellent Service! Thank you for all your help.”
– Doctor Heath Falin, Meadville, PA

Twin and Turbine Magazine“While very few pilots are ultimately denied, many pilots suffer needlessly because they don’t prepare or take advantage of help which is available to them.”
– Twin & Turbine Magazine

“Have been using Pilot Medical for past 5 years couldn’t be more satisfied. Great Service, Great Results”
– Eugene Kurzrock, Hauppage, NY

Aopa Pilot Magazine“Pilot Medical Solutions will retrieve, organize, and submit medical records from various sources to the FAA in a manner that can facilitate a prompt, favorable response”
– AOPA Pilot Magazine

“Approved in 7 days! I would recommend your service to a friend.”
– Doctor Taliaferro, AME, Abilene, TX

Aviation Space and Environmental Medicine Journal“Pilot Medical Solutions provides case management services to reduce physician workload and streamline aeromedical certification.”
– Aviation, Space, and Environmental Medicine Journal

“When I found out I was having a Liver Transplant I thought I would never fly again… Your attention to detail, knowing what the FAA required was magnificent and you got it through the first time. You made a real difference in my life”
– Daniel Dickinson, Hawthorn Hills, IL

“Working through Pilot Medical Solutions eliminates the risk of a denial and the cost and delay of re-submittal.”
– Ken Krebaum, McKinney, TX

“Pilot Med. has assisted me for past 7 years… They are my heroes!”
– Thomas H

“Each step of the way PMS knew what would be required even before the FAA asked for it… In two instances the information was passed along to the FAA before the letter arrived in my mailbox requesting it. When I received a personal phone call letting me know the outcome, I was elated…. Worth every penny!”
– David Ulrich, Wichita, KS

“Professional Prompt Service. Clear & Accurate Information.”
– Captain K. Darby, B-757/767, Atlanta, Georgia

“Stunning! My approval was obtained within 48 hours, when the word on the street is that the FAA takes well over a month in the best case. Thank you for directing my doctor’s staff here and for packaging the presentation for a quick result.”
– Tom B., Phoenix, AZ

“As a result of the excellent work of you and your staff, my medical certificate was reissued at the first eligible date and I am now back in the cockpit of my Citation CJ3. I would recommend your company to any pilot needing assistance in dealing with a jeopardized medical certificate.”
– Michael Herman, Board Member, National Business Aviation Association

“After 18 years without flying, I presented myself to an AME for a 3rd class physical, thinking that I was just fine. He found previously undetected hypertension, and then noted that I had cancer surgery (prostate) and busted me. I thought I was done for, but some study revealed that these conditions qualify for possible Special Issuance. However, I also found that the procedures for asking for Special Issuance are rather confusing, and do not reveal what supporting documents should say. I accidentally stumbled on a website, www.leftseat.com, the site of Pilot Medical Solutions of Bethany, OK. I called and explained my situation to them, and to make a long story short, they walked my AME and personal physicians through the documentation required. The last piece of documentation was received by Pilot Medical Solutions from my personal physician on January 19, 2009. They then hand carried the documentation to the appropriate FAA people, and my 3rd Class Medical Certificate was issued on January 29, 2009. I would strongly recommend that anyone faced with medical issues contact Pilot Medical Services. They aren’t cheap, but I would guess that they saved me from a year of not flying. I now consider using Pilot Medical Services for medical issues to be in the same league as taking your CPA to a Tax Audit. Let the people who really understand the system help.”
– Craig Taylor, Plano, TX

“Pilot Medical Solutions, Inc. is a tremendous asset to the pilot community in this country.  In spite of many difficulties, they were able to resolve my medical issue with the FAA much quicker than if I had just sat back and waited.  They are proactive, very responsive and extremely knowledgeable in all matters concerning medical deferrals.  I highly recommend them to anyone needing any kind of assistance.  Big or little problem, they will help because I believe they CARE ABOUT US PILOTS!  That is the distinction.  Call them!”
– Jacquie Warda

“I have recommended Pilot Medical Solutions many times and will continue to do so.”
– Tommy Thrash

“I received the FAA’s unrestricted clearance and a new medical certificate in only 18 days.”
– Neil Hauft, ATP, Quintuple Bypass, California

“After fourteen years of flying with a special issuance medical certificate, it has been a very pleasant experience to work with Pilot Medical Solutions.  You offer such a complete service for getting the certificate promptly.  I found your employees to be very courteous, efficient and businesslike, and will certainly use your services again.”
– Vernon Peppard, Dallas, TX

“I would like to thank Pilot Medical Solutions for the very quick issuance of my pilot certificate, you submitted my paperwork to the FAA on Thursday, and I received my certificate by mail in California on Monday.”
– R. McClure, California

“I unequivocally recommend Pilot Medical Solutions to the business aviation community and especially to NBAA Members. As a commercial, type-rated pilot who underwent major surgery recently, I had my medical back within a few weeks of my renewal application due exclusively to the efforts of Pilot Medical Solutions. David Hale and his staff are professional, efficient, cordial and most capable. They know what FAA requires, are intimately familiar with the process, and they get results for their clients — promptly and efficiently. I am extremely grateful for their expert guidance and help in getting me back into the cockpit.”
– Joe Ponte, NBAA Vice President of Membership, Marketing and Regional Programs (retired)

“Your service is outstanding! You certainly deliver timely results!”
– G. Kryspin, Norwalk, CT

“I was told that I would never fly again and for years I had resigned myself to that ‘fact’. Thanks again and again for accomplishing what I thought would be impossible.”
– Seizure Pilot, Oklahoma

“If you’re reading this, you have an issue with a lost medical, or a condition that makes preserving your privileges in aviation no longer a straight-forward matter. I had flown for 30 years, always had a 1st class medical. A massive experimental surgery that saved my life also disqualified me from a medical — never fly again. Two years later, a brand new special issuance process was announced, but it was new to everyone — aeromedical doctors, me, and the FAA itself. How to navigate this maze? I’m a Ph.D. in physics, and work in legal compliance in federal government. -I- was lost. It was that intense.

Pilot Medical Solutions helped me navigate a process to get a first class special issue medical after 6 years of trying otherwise within a procedure that hadn’t even been finalized by the FAA people. There’s no way I’d be flying without them. The answer to every medical issue can’t be ‘yes,’ but if there’s a way they are going to find it! If you need a special issuance medical, this is the way to go!
– John B, Organ Transplant, Arizona

“Many thanks to Pilot Medical Solutions for accomplishing what I had been unable to achieve, and had been told would be the end of my career. I now hold an unrestricted First Class Medical Certificate. After having been through the process with the FAA unassisted, I would unconditionally recommend the services of Pilot Medical Solutions.”
– DC9/MD80 Captain, Cardiovascular Pilot, Florida

“Many I spoke with gave me dim hope, with suggestions of months of waiting for medical review in OKC.  Well, thanks to you, I received my Second Class medical certificate just 14 days after submission.”
– James Ham, Cardiovascular Pilot, Oklahoma

“It’s great to be back in the left seat again!   Your guidance on cardiac rehab and the careful editing of my FAA submission really impressed my local AME.   I could never have put together an effective special issuance package without your help.”
– Jud Schandel, Angioplasty/Stent Implant Pilot, Hawaii

“Pilot Medical Solutions removed what I thought was a permanent restriction.  You saved my career.  Thank you very much!”
– Color Vision Pilot, California

“I can’t tell you how much I appreciate having my medical back and flying again. David Hale and Pilot Medical Solutions did a miraculous job in getting me into the air again after prostate surgery. I am extremely pleased and grateful.”
– Doctor Arthur Muroff, New York

“Pilot Medical Solutions got my medical back with a phone call!”
– Arrhythmia Pilot, Maryland

“Excellent Service”
– Repeat Client, Ed Pierce

“Your service provided me with the first real chance at my dream of flying. My dreams of flying began at 8 when I was first introduced to a 707 cockpit. I cannot say thank you enough for an absolutely fantastic job.”
– Kent Kasten, Insulin-Dependent Diabetic, Illinois

“I just received my unrestricted second-class medical, needless to say, thank you for all your help and support!”
– Cancer Pilot, Haiti

“I am in possession of a new First Class Medical. You guys really came through for me again.”
– George Geyer, New Jersey

“Pilot Medical Solutions promptly and effectively presented my case to the FAA, which resulted in a favorable outcome. Their guidance was invaluable and I believe I could not have achieved similar results without their assistance. I highly recommend Pilot Medical Solutions for any medical certification issues.”
– Bobbi J., Gender Dysphoria, US Flag Carrier

“I could not believe how quickly I had my medical back”
– Larry Omps, CAD Pilot, Virginia

“Thank you for your persistence in getting my medical certification. I think your service is terrific- and I’ll get to realize my dream of flying
even though I’d heard that it couldn’t be done!”
– Susanne York, Multiple Sclerosis, Texas

“Thank you Pilot Medical Solutions for the exemplary service rendered in the retrieval of my First Class Medical Certificate.”
– Sean L. Longley, Cardiovascular Pilot, Bahamas

“I was using another advisory service to help me get my FAA medical back, and I wasn’t getting the results or service that I needed. I found Pilot Medical Solutions online, and I immediately called and had a conversation with David Hale. Mr. Hale took the time to fully understand my situation, and in that first conversation counseled me on the factors of my case and laid out a clear roadmap of the process. He even coached me on how to proceed if I chose to continue the process with the other company. With that rapport built, I immediately switched my case to Pilot Medical Solutions. Amanda Scruggs took over management of my case, and both she and Mr. Hale provided me with expert guidance. I know for a fact that I got my medical back much earlier and easier than if I had tried to communicate with the FAA directly, and I’m certain that I made the right decision when I switched my case from the other company. I saved time and money using Pilot Medical Solutions, and I couldn’t be happier! ”
– 767 Captain, Park City, Utah

“I would like to share my story with everyone. If it hadn’t been for you, I probably would have never flown again. Thank you very much to David and the Staff at Pilot Medical Solutions.”
– Dale Allen, Seizure Pilot, Hawaii

“They do all the work… We get the credit and the thanks from the pilot.” “knowledgeable, quick and well known to the FAA Aeromedical structure… makes the special issuance process a ‘breeze'”.
– Dr. James Butler, Senior AME, Board Certified Aerospace Medicine

“Pilot Medical Solutions has comprehensive aeromedical information via its Web site (www.leftseat.com). The site has a list of AME’s who are actually pilots (being a pilot isn’t a requirement for AME certification) and the ‘largest list of FAA-approved medications.”
– Aviation International News Article 


Pilot Medical Solutions is recognized worldwide for accurate and dependable FAA medical certification support. The testimonies posted here reflect the experience of the client and should not be interpreted as a guarantee of a specific outcome or time to obtain FAA processing. For more aviation trade comments visit our blog.

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