Our FAA medical approach

Each FAA medical exam is a “medical check-ride” and a potentially grounding event. Aviation Medical Examiners (AME’s) often discover conditions or issues which require extensive documentation prior to the issuance of a medical certificate. Usually, pilots are not prepared for this.

The additional workload, and FAA regulations require AME’s to defer the application to the FAA Medical Certification Division in Oklahoma for processing. This delays the pilot by several months and reduces the likelihood of favorable results.

Pilots can be confident they are prepared for the FAA medical exam with a confidential pre-certification assessment by Pilot Medical Solutions. Confidential pre-certification planning virtually eliminates premature applications and unnecessary grounding.

Pilot Medical Solutions provides personalized support through pro-active FAA medical case management. We work directly with private physicians to retrieve, review, organize, and submit medical records required by the FAA. This hands-on approach is a proven method developed by Pilot Medical Solutions. We have been helping pilots with FAA medical certification for over 25 years.

With Pilot Medical Solution’s Pre-certification case management, treating physicians receive unrestricted clear communication regarding the FAA’s requirements. Our office collaborates personally with each medical facility to obtain the necessary records.

Since all essential documentation is available at the time of the FAA examination, AME’s save valuable time once lost to tracking down records or waiting for special authorization. AME’s may issue a medical certificate rather than defer a pilot’s application.

The FAA’s workload is reduced too. Many of the applications received by the FAA are incomplete or contain incorrect information. This requires the FAA to spend a great deal of time reviewing records and sending letters requesting additional information. Pilot Medical Solutions provides the FAA with an solid case permitting an immediate decision.

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Working with pilots and their personal physicians before a medical certificate application assures that valuable time once lost to deferred or denied applications is minimized rather than commonplace.

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