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Aerospace Medical Association (ASMA)

David R. Hale

Pilot Medical Solutions is a regular corporate sponsor of this prestigious annual scientific meeting. Executive Director, David Hale, and has participated in numerous committees, panels, and aviation medical examiner (AME) forums.

ASMA annual meetings allow advocates and practitioners from all over the world to discuss important policies, obtain training and other resources for AME’s and pilots. Key areas discussed included:

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      The Aerospace Medical Association (AsMA) is organized for several educational and scientific purposes. It is primarily for aerospace medical professionals (those in the fields of aerospace medicine and human performance).

      AsMA provides a scientific forum for several different disciplines including aviation and space medical standards. It generally is involved in the education and training of aerospace medicine specialists, flight nurses, physiologists, psychologists, human factors specialists, and researchers in these fields. Many are part of civil aviation regulatory agencies, departments of defense and military services, the airlines, space programs, and universities.

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    Thank you, I have just been looking for information about ASMA for a while. It seems you are a strong constituent of this prestigious organization. Can you direct me to membership info?

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      Atlanta May Meeting is postponed until October.

      Corporate and national travel restrictions and recommendations limiting mass gatherings from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO), have influenced AsMA’s Executive Committee’s decision to postpone the 91st Annual Scientific Meeting and associated activities. The Atlanta meeting scheduled for May 17-22, 2020 is now rescheduled to October 10-15, 2020. The Opening Ceremony for the October meeting will start on Sunday instead of the usual Monday.

      (More information on COVID-19)


      On 3/12/20 AsMA stated that the Annual Scientific Meeting will be conducted as planned unless the City of Atlanta, State of Georgia or the US Government places restrictions on large gatherings in Atlanta.

      AsMA states they will follow all guidance and recommendations provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention related to mass gatherings and large community events (Read here).

      The general scientific consensus is that the virus can remain viable on surfaces for up to 4 days. Definitive testing is underway. This estimated risk of getting the virus from aircraft surfaces is low, but not zero. Virus spread appears to be from close personal and sustained contact. It is very important that those who are feeling ill do not travel – in order to minimize any risk to others. HEPA filters, flow-rate, low humidity appears to decrease transmission.
      The number one thing we all can do is IMPECCABLE HAND HYGIENE and avoid touching our face. There is increased risk for those taking care of someone with COVID-19 due to potential exposure, particularly for those over 60 years of age and/or with multiple medical conditions (Hypertension, Diabetes, Cardiovascular disease or immunocompromised).

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    Thank you for sharing this information. Your website is very cool. I am impressed by how nicely and practically you discuss FAA requirements and the medical issues of pilots. I searched everywhere and only your site provides straight discussion of FAA requirements for pilot medical certification.
    Thank you!


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