NBAA Reviews“I unequivocally recommend Pilot Medical Solutions to the business aviation community and especially to NBAA Members.”  – Joe Ponte, NBAA VP (retired)

Bob Hoover“I can strongly recommend Pilot Medial Solutions because they are sympathetic to pilots with medical certification problems.”
– Bob Hoover (Aviation Legend)

Pilot Medical Solutions has helped pilots from every major airline and corporation in existence (Testimonies). If you are a member of an airline or corporate flight department group you are entitled to preferred rates for services available only from Pilot Medical Solutions.  

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Precision Approach 

Traditionally flight departments and airline unions have relied upon FAA medical exams to discover potentially grounding health issues. If jeopardizing issues are not discovered prior to an FAA exam, FAA medical certification becomes a labor-intensive, lengthy bureaucratic process. Even the simplest of issues can ground a pilot increasing operational and healthcare expenditures.

In 1995 Pilot Medical Solutions changed the aeromedical paradigm with proactive aeromedical management. This precision approach establishes a pilots’ eligibility before their official FAA exam. With proactive aeromedical management it is possible to anticipate and prevent unnecessary grounding.

Unfortunately every year thousands of pilots still lose their FAA medical certification because they do not obtain readily available confidential advice.  Several thousand others are grounded because incomplete or incorrect information is sent to the FAA by their personal doctor or an aviation medical examiner.

Aeromedical management is pragmatic aeromedical support which promotes safety and keeps pilots flying.

“Just as rehearsals are good for show business, they also can be valuable in the medical certification process.Pilot Medical Solutions has a new medical protection program that pre-qualifies pilots before they apply for their medical certificates.”
– Business and Commercial Aviation

Pilot Medical Solutions offers comprehensive medical management services to meet the unique needs of businesses with pilot employees.  Proactive aeromedical management assures the livelihood of flight personnel and provides many company benefits including:

  • FAA Intermediation
  • Effective Utilization of Employee Assistance Programs
  • Aviation Specific Health Management
  • Employee Retention
  • Enhanced Morale

Pilot careers are safeguarded – health care savings accrue

Experience & Proficiency

We provide expeditious resolution of complex issues for flight departments and professional pilots worldwide. Pilot Medical Solutions is oldest confidential aeromedical service company exclusively serving pilots and Aviation Medical Examiners since 1995.

Thousands of pilots each year return to flying with the assistance of Pilot Medical Solutions.  Having managed every imaginable aeromedical issue, our staff has extensive experience and is uniquely qualified to deliver timely results.

Confidential proactive aeromedical support assures accelerated medical certification.  This is why Pilot Medical Solutions is considered an essential and renowned resource in aviation circles.

Pilot Medical Solutions’ profound growth is driven by demand from pilots and AME’s throughout the world.

An Essential and Timely Benefit

Pilot Medical Solution’s proactive aeromedical management delivers accelerated assistance and valuable corporate benefits.

Consider these words from trade professionals:

“I unequivocally recommend Pilot Medical Solutions to the business aviation community and especially to NBAA Members. As a commercial, type-rated pilot who underwent major surgery recently, I had my medical back within a few weeks of my renewal application due exclusively to the efforts of Pilot Medical Solutions. David Hale and his staff are professional, efficient, cordial and most capable. They know what FAA requires, are intimately familiar with the process, and they get results for their clients — promptly and efficiently. I am extremely grateful for their expert guidance and help in getting me back into the cockpit.”
– Joe Ponte, NBAA Vice President, Marketing & Regional Programs (retired)

“Knowledgeable, quick and well known to the FAA Aeromedical structure”
– Doctor James Butler, Senior AME

“There are times when we all need assistance. I can strongly recommend Pilot Medical Solutions for consideration because they are sympathetic to pilots with medical certification problems.
Pilot Medical Solutions also organizes the records which supports the FAA’s requirements.”
– Bob Hoover

“I have been working with David Hale and Pilot Medical Solutions for 17 years — Great to work with, very knowledgeable about the FAA’s requirements.”
– Doctor Warren Silberman, Manager, FAA, Aeromedical Certification Division (retired)

“Because they assist you in getting your records properly prepared and walking the information through the FAA, they can often accomplish in days what may take months for other sources, including your AME, to do.”
– Doctor E.L. Samuelson, Senior AME

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