COVID-19 Breakdown

COVID-19 — How the Corona Virus Pandemic is helping some pilots despite the virtual worldwide shutdown which has ensued.

The closure of many medical offices and the need for the FAA medical certification division to operate on a skeleton crew has grounded many pilots. Many of the pilots who have been grounded waiting for medical authorizations or medical appointments have options to continue flying. For these pilots-in-waiting there are several ways to get back in the air.

Pilot Medical Solutions has been fielding many calls from pilots shutdown by COVID-19. In many cases this virus has helped airmen to extend their operational options.

In addition, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approval for new or existing pilots is not always required. Some pilots have discovered alternatives to the increasingly long wait for government approval. Pilot Medical Solutions has helped many pilots discover what they had missed in FAA correspondence letters. For others, alternative flight fitness rules or requirements may be an option.

FAA letters can be hard to understand and sometimes they include errors or omissions which can mask a pilot’s options. In addition, the FAA has liberalized medical certification standards over the last few years and has allowed Aviation Medical Examiners (AME’s) to certify pilots with many conditions which were previously only certified by the actual FAA. Unfortunately pilots and some AME’s are not always up-to-speed on these allowances. In other cases there are options or privileges under different flight rules such as Sport Pilot and Basic Medical Rules (BasicMed). BasicMed is a relatively new allowance by the federal government which usually does not require formal FAA medical certification for limited flight operations.

Pilot Medical Solutions has helped many pilots discover that they are already cleared to fly or that any available AME can issue a medical certificate. It is important to note that while some pilots can be approved at the AME level, some have been unnecessarily deferred to the FAA in Oklahoma for final review or decision. This is rarely good. Pilots need to receive clear guidance to establish their options and avoid being unnecessarily grounded. If FAA medical certification isn’t required or they can operate under alternative rules pilots need to know before they go to an AME. Airmen with certain issues may find that they should not get an FAA medical exam and let their 1st class certificate lapse to a lower class. Finally, there is a large contingent of pilots who have simply failed to submit sufficient information and waiting for the FAA is not the true limiting factor. Pilots can call Pilot Medical Solutions at 405-787-0303 to discuss their case and to talk about aeromedical options and alternatives.

More information on COVID-19 here.

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  1. Mike J
    Mike J says:

    I really need to hear this. I have been waiting on the FAA. After a quick call to Pilot Medical, I found out that I had already been cleared to fly but misunderstood my situation. Thank you!

  2. Randy N
    Randy N says:

    I had been waiting to fly but after talking with Pilot Medical Solutions, they helped me get a medical document from my cardiologist then referred me to a AME who issued my medical. Who knows how long it would have been if I had not called.
    Thank you!

    • Bosworth E
      Bosworth E says:

      Having help documenting my ability to fly safely and filing an extension on my behalf with the FAA was a God-send for me.
      Thank you!

  3. Dan Lipscom
    Dan Lipscom says:

    I have been waiting for my annual special issuance from the FAA for 7 months. Someone told me that the FAA hasn’t fully recovered from the shutdown. How can that be true?

    • admin
      admin says:


      The FAA aeromedical division lost several people and while the shutdown may not be the direct reason it probably did play a role in at least some of the current delays in medical certification. With COVID-19 there are extensions which may be an option. Also, sometimes there are things you can do to speed things up, like making sure all of your documents are good enough to obtain FAA approval. Contact Pilot Medical Solutions at 405-787-0303 to find out what can be done for you.

    • admin
      admin says:

      Funny post-

      It’s the most common advice pilots give concerning what to report to the FAA. Pilots should keep in mind that the FAA has many mechanisms in-place to identify unreported medical issues. Sadly, many end up with a bigger mess when they fail to give the FAA something. There are ways to comply and only give the FAA the required (limited) information.

  4. Flybirdy
    Flybirdy says:

    Seems there aren’t many places to find real help with COVID-19. Even from the medical community seems to be short of answers. It’s a good thing I put my hope in the Lord Jesus Christ.

  5. Jan P
    Jan P says:

    Just read Dr Roth’s discussion on COVID19 testing ( This is excellent but never answers the question of who should be tested. Please advise.

  6. Harold J.
    Harold J. says:

    You have provided good information and it looks like I need to call and find out more about my situation. My PC has said he thinks the the Moderan vaccine has less side effects than Pfizer’s. What’s the leftseat position on that?

  7. ericJ
    ericJ says:

    Reading COVID opinions is like watching frog dissection. Few people are interested and the frog dies of it. Take care of yourself and say nothing nothing.

  8. SteveM
    SteveM says:

    It seems the herd wants everyone to shut-up and get the vaccine. It’s obvious there’s not just a pandemic but also a news crisis.

  9. Blane
    Blane says:

    Have not seen anything practical or trustworthy besides what I found here. I really hope the vaccine can do something for everyone but it seems to be less than promising. I’ll bet there are new aviation ventures forming as we speak.


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