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Color Vision issues surprise many would be pilots. For some, private pilot status is all they seek while others are about to start a journey to become a commercial airline pilot. Before the flight physical is completed it’s a good idea to find out if the FAA color vision test will be an issue. The most common test is the Ishihara Plate Test and this is typically what aviation medical examiners will use during the FAA medical examination. It’s a good idea to perform a screening test even if you have passed a color vision test before.

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  1. Stan M
    Stan M says:

    I am about to start my journey to become a commercial airline pilot once I get my FAA flight physical completed. I’ve heard horror stories of people taking a test, having issues and never being able to fly. I obviously don’t want this to happen, especially after I’ve worked so hard to get to this point. I have concerns about the color vision test. I have always had issues with color vision tests; especially the Ishihara Plate Test yet I passed FALANT test in the military. Is this something you can help with? Do you have working relationships with AME’s or other doctors that perform this type of testing? Do you offer any sort of “practice test” before the official FAA color vision test?

    • admin
      admin says:


      We do provide help to pilots with color vision issues. And, in answer to your question; we do have relationships with doctors who provide alternative FAA color vision tests. We provide guidance concerning which tests are not recommended and which FAA accepted color vision test may be the most practical choice. It is a good idea to take a “practice” color vision test and “yes” we do have a color vision “practice” or screening test on our website at: http://www.leftseat.com/evaluations/color-test/.
      Contact us at 405-787-0303 to find out more.

  2. Casey
    Casey says:

    Do remote pilots have the same color vision standards as manned commercial pilots? I was contemplating becoming a UAV pilot which requires an FAA Remote pilot part 107 certification.

  3. Oscar M
    Oscar M says:

    I have difficulty seeing the numbers in the color vision testing at the AME office. Can Pilot Medical Solutions help?

  4. PhilM
    PhilM says:

    Many thanks for the clear and concise FAA medical color vision guidance. This provided the practical info I needed. I will call you to engage your service.

    • admin
      admin says:


      The FAA color vision test is similar but success with this test does not assure approval on the AME testing.
      First, AME’s don’t always use the Ishihara plates.
      Second, the Ishihara plates are often not presented properly.
      There are alternative tests which we can help you use to gain FAA approval or eliminate color vision restrictions on your medical certificate.
      Contact Pilot Medical at 405-787-0303.


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