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New Pilots


Pilot Medical Solutions is helping more new pilots despite reductions in airman employment opportunities

December 1, 2020 –The COVID-19 pandemic lock-down has forced airlines and corporate flight departments to diminish airman employment opportunities and, like the Spanish Flu era, it appears to have awakened interest … Read More

Pilots in Command

pilot in command
Flying left seat is where it’s at!

This section is for pilots in command. If you are a pilot who has lost control due to a medical certification issue usually Pilot Medical Solutions can help. If you or someone you know need help to get back in the left seat … Read More

Pilot Color Vision

Color Vision issues surprise many would be pilots. For some, private pilot status is all they seek while others are about to start a journey to become a commercial airline pilot. Before the flight physical is completed it’s a good idea to find out if the FAA color vision test … Read More

Diabetes | FAA Medical Certification

The initial presentation of any carbohydrate metabolism disorder requires an evaluation be performed to establish eligibility for certification.  This includes insulin or non-insulin dependant diabetes and the use of any hypoglycemic medication.  FAA evaluations must be accomplished in compliance with specific protocols.

In most cases, an FAA designated Aviation Medical … Read More

COVID-19 Breakdown

COVID-19 — How the Corona Virus Pandemic is helping some pilots despite the virtual worldwide shutdown which has ensued.

The closure of many medical offices and the need for the FAA medical certification division to operate on a skeleton crew has grounded many pilots. Many of the pilots who have … Read More

Government Shutdown


Although the FAA medical certification branch is virtually closed, many pilots are receiving answers to their aeromedical questions from Pilot Medical Solutions. Due to the government shutdown and furloughs, a large portion of the FAA is shut down including many parts of the Aeromedical Certification Division. The FAA Customer Read More

Psychiatric Conditions | FAA Medical Certification

Wellbutrin XL 300While the FAA does not strictly evaluate the behavioral health of pilots during medical certification examination, they do require applicants to voluntarily report all mental issues since birth. Despite widespread miss-interpretation by many pilot associations, the present FAA policy effectively prohibits the use of most psychotropic/mood ameliorating medications.  The FAA … Read More

FAA Medical | Special Issuance

Pilots with disqualifying medical conditions are often eligible for FAA medical certification waivers through Special Issuance medical certification. The medical certificate typically provides the same authorization but can carry certain limitations such as the date of expiration. Typically this requires extensive documentation and decisions are made on a case by … Read More