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Guy Baldwin

“Pilot Medical Solutions provides professional support for pilots and AME’s that I believe is crucial to streamlining aeromedical care.”
– Guy Baldwin, Sr. AME, Tulsa, OK  

James Butler

“They do all the work while we get the credit and the thanks from the pilot. They are knowledgeable, quick, well known to the FAA Aeromedical structure and make the special issuance process a breeze.”
– Dr. James Butler, Senior AME, Board Certified Aerospace Medicine

Dr Samuelson

“Pilot Medical Solutions helped me to help my pilot patients by providing ready answers and reducing my paperwork burden.”
– Dr. Erwin Samuelson, M.D., Senior AME, Torrance, CA

Aviation Space and Environmental Medicine Journal

“Pilot Medical Solutions provides case management services to reduce physician workload and streamline aeromedical certification.”
– Aviation, Space, and Environmental Medicine Journal  

Time-consuming case?

Pilot Medical Solutions retrieves, organizes and pre-qualifies all documentation required for time-consuming applications.  We also maintain an exclusive list of FAA aviation medical examiners. Find out more about SELECT AME’s.

“They do all the work…We get the credit and the thanks from the pilot.” –“Knowledgeable, quick and well known to the FAA Aeromedical structure… makes the special issuance process a ‘breeze'”.
– James Butler, Sr. AME, Board Certified Aerospace Medicine

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