To have the best people is a primary goal of Horizon Airlines.  Horizon Airlines pilots will find the best aeromedical people at Pilot Medical Solutions.  We have dedicated professionals who’s only purpose is to help pilots keep their FAA medical.  We forged a better way to keep pilots flying and professional pilots around the world now turn to Pilot Medical Solutions when medical certification is jeopardized.

Pilot Medical Solutions, Inc. is an International pilot advocate service providing confidential support for all issues related to airman medical certification.
We are the oldest aeromedical service company assisting pilots with FAA medical certification since 1995.  Read what pilots and Aviation Medical Examiners around the world are saying.

Complimenting the traditional service provided by AME’s, our unparalleled support provides pro-active aeromedical assistance and far exceeds the traditional level of support available to pilots.  Pilot Medical Solutions accelerates FAA medical waivers.

If you are a Horizon Airlines Pilot, you are entitled to preferred rates and services available only from Pilot Medical Solutions.  Contact Us for a free consultation today.

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