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FAA Policy Update

Federal Aviation Administration

1. Pilots on Coumadin (Anticoagulation therapy)

For applicants who are just beginning Warfarin (Coumadin) treatment the following is required by the FAA:

◦Minimum observation time of 6 weeks after initiation of warfarin therapy;

◦Must also meet any required observation time for the underlying condition; AND

◦6 INRs, no more frequently … Read More

Cardiovascular Issues Pilot Certification

The Heart of a Pilot

If there is one thing on which most pilots agree, it is their disdain for the FAA’s medical requirements. Some tests required by the FAA are invasive and expensive prompting even physicians to balk at the costs of providing flight-fitness proof. Cardiovascular testing is at the forefront of this controversy. … Read More

Remove Before Flight

Free FAA Medical Advice… Remember This!

Remove Before FlightTalk with pilots and usually the last thing on their mind is losing their medical certification. Yet virtually every pilot who wants to continue to fly will face a medical issue which will affect their flight fitness. Remember this article when, it happens to you.

Most of us remember a Read More

dont call me shirley

Don’t Call Me Shirley

The comic conflicts in the 1980 movie Airplane were amusing but real flight crew feuds can be pernicious, even outright dangerous. It is critical that pilots and other crew members transcend petty or baited quarrels and maintain effective communication. If conflicts are a regular occurrence for a particular crew member, … Read More

FAA 2018 Report

FAA 2018 Report – Dallas, TX

FAA 2018 ReportMay 5-11, Dallas, TX – FAA reveals over 90% of pilots who were denied FAA medical certification in 2017 failed to provide the documentation required to obtain FAA medical certification approval. The FAA also released age-related data on BasicMed pilots during the aerospace medical meeting which was co-sponsored by Pilot … Read More

pilot medical amnesty

Confidential FAA Medical Support

pilot medical amnestyAmnesty for previously unreported medical conditions

A pilot study showed that pilots involved in fatal aircraft accidents rarely reported their use of psychotropic or neurological medications at the time of their previous FAA medical.

Many pilots are reluctant to reveal previously unreported medical issues since FAR 67.403 details adverse actions … Read More

Erwin Samuelson

Erwin Samuelson, MD, F.A.A.F.P, Senior AME

Erwin Samuelson, MD, F.A.A.F.P, Senior AME

DR Erwin Samuelson, Senior Aviation Medical Examiner

The following information outlines essential information and resources to help you obtain and retain FAA medical certification.

Very few people can’t obtain FAA medical certification. The initial determination is made by a designated FAA Aviation Medical Examiner (AME), however, the Aerospace Medical Certification Division … Read More

FAA Medical Certification 7 Things Every Pilot Should Know

The goal Pilot Medical Solutions is to provide pilots with a proactive approach to potentially challenging FAA medical issues.

This document addresses the most common reasons unsuspecting pilots may lose their medical certification.

Please consult your physician. The issues discussed here are presented here as guidelines and are not applicable … Read More

FAA Medical Questions

Aerospace Medical Association (ASMA)

David R. Hale

Pilot Medical Solutions is a regular corporate sponsor of this prestigious annual scientific meeting. Executive Director, David Hale, and has participated in numerous committees, panels, and aviation medical examiner (AME) forums.

ASMA annual meetings allow advocates and practitioners from all over the world to discuss important policies, obtain training and … Read More