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pilot medical amnestyAmnesty for previously unreported medical conditions

A pilot study showed that pilots involved in fatal aircraft accidents rarely reported their use of psychotropic or neurological medications at the time of their previous FAA medical.

Many pilots are reluctant to reveal previously unreported medical issues since FAR 67.403 details adverse actions related to falsification on the airman medical application form 8500-8.

Failing to report adverse medical conditions / Falsification can result in fines up to $250,000, imprisonment up to 5 years and revocation of medical and all pilot certificates.  California Indictments

In many cases, pilots are required to respond to FAA letters requesting information about a condition which was reported to the FAA by a spouse or other disgruntled acquaintance.

THE GOOD NEWS — Pilot Medical Solutions has assisted many pilots with this delicate process. Revealing previously unreported medical conditions to the FAA does NOT automatically initiate adverse FAA action.

Medical certification approval is determined on the basis of the pilots’ current and complete medical status. Pilot Medical Solutions provides confidential assistance.

Information/falsification reported to the FAA’s anonymous Safety Hotline or discovered following an aircraft mishap are NOT protected from adverse actions, however, requesting amnesty through Pilot Medical Solutions is fast and increases the likelihood for favorable consideration.

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1. Pilot Medical History and Medications Found in Post Mortem Specimens from Aviation Accidents, Aviation, Space Environmental Med, Vol. 77, No 11, Nov. 2006

2. Aviation Safety Hotline  800-255-1111

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      Obviously it will take time for those recently arrested to make it through the court system.
      The info you are looking for at leftseat is here:

      The VA and other sources of medical record reconciliation are part of a complex group of FAA sources. In addition to the feds systems there is a national medication database and an FAA safety hot-line where anybody can anonymously report anybody (physician, employer, ex-girlfriend, …)

      Leftseat Staff


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