The benefits of becoming smoke-free

While cigarette smoking is not prohibited by the FAA, it has several hazardous side effects and many health conditions caused by smoking are medically disqualifying.

A smoker typically carries a carbon monoxide blood level of about five percent.  This may raise your physiological altitude from sea level to about 7,000 feet. A smoker is much more susceptible to hypoxia and can often feel the effects of hypoxia at lower altitudes.

Those who quit smoking immediately reduce their health risks and quickly derive many benefits:

  • Your chances of getting sick from smoking will be less.
  • You will have more energy and breathe easier.
  • If you are pregnant, your baby will get more oxygen and be healthier.
  • The people you live with, especially your children, will be healthier. Breathing in other people’s smoke can cause asthma and other health problems.
  • You will have more money to spend on things other than cigarettes.

There Has Never Been a Better Time to Quit

Smoking Cessation Tips:

  1. Assess the reasons you want to stop smoking and what stands in your way.
  2. Customize your stop smoking program by creating a plan which considers all obstacles and rallies all available support.
  3. Make plans to stop smoking.

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