We add value to your business and provide an added service to your pilots.  Pilot Medical Solutions, Inc. is an International pilot advocate service providing confidential support for all issues related to airman medical certification.

Complimenting the traditional service provided by AME’s, our unparalleled support provides pro-active aeromedical assistance and far exceeds the traditional level of support available to pilots.  Pilot Medical Solutions accelerates FAA medical waivers and supports your business by increasing the number of available pilot customers.

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Pilot Medical Solutions


“I received the FAA’s unrestricted clearance in only 18 days.”
– Neil Hauft, ATP, Quintuple Bypass, California

“Without Pilot Medical Solutions, I probably would have never flown again.” 
– Dale Allen, Seizure Pilot, Hawaii

“Pilot Medical Solutions got my medical back with a phone call!”
– Arrhythmia Pilot, Maryland

“Pilot Medical Solutions provides professional support for pilots and AME’s that I believe is crucial to streamlining aeromedical care.”
– Dr. Guy Baldwin, Senior AME, Tulsa, OK

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We can tell you if you will pass your next FAA medical.
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we have the solution.


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