The FAA issues many waivers and discretionary issuances for pilot not meeting the distant visual acuity standards.

There are many options including but not limited to: petitions for operational experience, standard or orthokeratology corrective lenses, and waivers such as a Statement Of Demonstrated Ability (SODA).

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FAA Waiver Statistics

The eye chart below is provided as an educational tool for pilots.

This test should be used for screening purposes only.  Only a qualified medical practitioner can provide an accurate assessment of your vision.

For best results, use a laser printer.  Printer should be formatted to print page “as an image” and not configured to fit on page.

Charts should be illuminated with a 100 watt incandescent lamp placed 4 feet in front of and slightly above chart. Place 20/20 line 5 feet 4 inches from floor and read at 20 feet.

Eye chart requires Adobe Acrobat Reader. (Free Software)  getacro.gif (712 bytes)

Distant Vision Chart w/Symbols)   |   Distant Vision w/Letters   | Near Vision

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