FAA Medical Certification
Hearing Standards and Evaluation

Most applicants for FAA Medical certification will pass the typical Aviation Medical Examiner test outlined below. Those who do not, are usually certified with a nominal limitation placed on their medical certificate. If you need help, simply email us at info @ leftseat.com.


Applicants for all classes of FAA medical certification must demonstrate the hearing of an average conversational voice in a quiet room, using both ears at 6 feet, with the back turned to the examiner or pass one of the audiometric tests below. The test below is designed as an educational tool to demonstrate the audiometric testing utilized by the FAA. This is not a calibrated medical test and is not intended to replace testing by a qualified medical professional.


(1) Audiometric speech discrimination test: (Score at least 70% discrimination at 65db in one ear)

(2) Pure tone audiometric test: Unaided, with thresholds no worse than:

  500Hz 1,000Hz 2,000Hz 3,000Hz

Better Ear

35Db 30Db 30Db 40Db

Worst Ear

35Db 50Db 50Db 60Db


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Pilots who require a hearing aid to meet FAA medical requirements will have the limitation “VALID ONLY WITH USE OF HEARING AMPLIFICATION” on their FAA medical certificate.  This requirement is easily met using a standard amplified aviation headset.

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