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Board Certified Urologist
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Kidney Stones and the FAA by Andrew Sambell

Some say passing a stone is the equivalent of childbirth. So, it can be hard to safely operate an aircraft during such an event. Most stones will pass without intervention or surgery. However, if needed the 2 most prevalent procedures are ESWL and ureteroscopy with manipulation. Around 30% of stone formers have a repeat stone. Some procedures like ESWL will leave you with a retained fragment which also increases your future risk. The FAA and/or your AME want to know all these details. The FAA has granted AMEs criteria under which they can issue your medical. If your AME must defer to the FAA, it really helps to submit all pertinent records to the FAA ASAP in an organized fashion. A common problem- some patients never return to the medical provider after procedures. Don’t do this! The success or outcome may be uncertain, and you will need a current urologic exam (check for residual stones or fragments). The FAA wants to know about any complications you experienced during the process.

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