Pilot Medical Solutions is the oldest confidential aeromedical service company exclusively serving pilots and Aviation Medical Examiners since 1995.

We are a pilot advocate organization which exists to assist pilots.  No information is divulged to anyone without consent.

Every year thousands of pilots lose their FAA medical certification unnecessarily because incomplete or inaccurate information is submitted to the FAA.

A confidential evaluation prior to FAA medical examination assures you of eligibility and timely certification.

Consider the following facts:

  • FAA medical certification standards and documentation requirements are constantly changing yet less than 4% of Aviation Medical Examiners specialize in aviation medicine.
  • 80% of the AME’s do 20% of the FAA exams with 50% of AME’s performing less than 25 FAA exams per year.
  • More than 90% percent of the pilots who are denied FAA medical certification simply did not provide proper medical records.

Almost any medical issue requires meticulous documentation to obtain FAA medical certification.


Pilot Medical Solutions specializes in complex FAA medical case management.

We will:

  • Confidentially establish your eligibility for medical certification.
  • Clearly communicate applicable FAA standards to managing physicians.
  • Closely review then submit documentation directly to the FAA to expedite certification.

Contact Pilot Medical Solutions for a free confidential FAA medical consultation.

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