March 2005

The FAA medical exam is a “medical check-ride” and a potentially grounding event, according to the company.  Aviation Medical Examiners (AME’s) can discover conditions or issues which require extensive documentation prior to the issuance of a medical certificate.  FAA regulations require AME’s to defer the application to the FAA Medical Certification Division in Oklahoma for processing, which can cause considerable delay.  Pilot Medical Solutions offers a confidential precertification assessment.  The company also provides personalized support through proactive FAA medical case management, working directly with private physicians to retrieve, review, organize and submit medical records required by the FAA.  Proximity to the agency’s Aeromedical Certification Div. permits virtually immediate delivery of records and expeditious processing.  With Pilot Medical Solutions Precertification case management, treating physicians receive unrestricted clear communication regarding the FAA’s requirements.  Pilot Medical Solutions provides the FAA with an organized and complete case permitting an immediate decision.  Corporate and individual programs are available.

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