PILOTS:  Airmen with EKG questions may contact us at 405-787-0303 or via E-Mail to confidentially discuss the details of your case and to establish your eligibility for FAA medical certification.


The FAA now accepts electronic (PDF) ECG/EKG’s and prefers integrated interpretation. They will also accept mail-in hard-copies with or without interpretation.


Pilot Medical Solutions recently researched FAA-Ready ECG units.  Many used units are available online at Ebay and other locations.

Download FAA ECG Transmission form
Download FAA ECG Transmission Criteria

The following digital electrocardiographs are compliant with the FAA system.

Burdick  (800) 955-5177
CompuMed  (800) 421-3395
GE / Marquette  (800) 558-5120
Philips Medical  (800) 934-7372
Mortara  (800) 231-7437
Welch Allyn  (800) 535-6663

For more information call (800) 681-8687 or 405-954-4309, 405-954-7683




Contact us at 1-405-787-0303 or by email here
to confidentially discuss your FAA medical issues.