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FAA Medical Support for Pilots and AME's


We have over 20 yeas experience helping pilots obtain timely FAA medical certification

FAA Communication

Pilot Medical Solutions works with pilots confidentially to develop and execute a proactive plan to secure pilot medical certification.

Our service includes:

  • Comprehensive Records Review
  • Unlimited Collaboration with Treating Physicians
  • Case Preparation for FAA Consideration
  • Unlimited Telephone Consultations
  • FAA Case Submission
  • Assistance with FAA Follow-up / Reporting Requirements
  • Application for Special Issuance or other Waivers
  • Amnesty Requests for Previously Unreported Medical Issues


Pilot Medical Solutions FAA Medical Service  HOW OUR SERVICE WORKS:

1 A comprehensive medical evaluation and personal health profile are obtained to determine your medical status from the FAA's perspective.

Pilot Medical Solutions works directly with your medical practitioners to develop a plan to expedite the issuance of your airman medical certificate.
2 The plan of action to secure your medical certificate is implemented.  Pilot Medical Solutions provides medical case management including detailed recommendations to you and your physicians to facilitate meeting FAA standards.

Pre-qualified medical records are presented to the FAA with approval assured.
3 Once certification is obtained, health and fitness recommendations and ongoing medical record management are provided assuring unhindered medical certificate renewal.

This service prevents the typical lapse in certification for cases where the FAA requires documentation to maintain approval.



FAA Medical Certification and Aviation Medicine Support for pilots and aviation medical examiners.

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