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LEFTSEAT.COM - Best Aviation Sites "A wealth of aviation medical information".
Aviation Week - 500 Best Aviation Web Sites.
A Guide to 500 Best Aviation Web Sites is an Aviation Week Book written by John Merry, published and distributed
worldwide by McGraw-Hill.




Aviation Week and Space Technology Features Pilot Medical Solutions.

   "Personalized support through proactive
FAA medical case management, working directly with private physicians to retrieve, review, organize and submit medical records required by the FAA."

-Aviation Week & Space Technology


Business and Commercial Aviation Magazine Features Pilot Medical Solutions.

"Just as rehearsals are good for show business, they also can be valuable in the medical certification process.   Pilot Medical Solutions of Tulsa has a new medical protection program that pre-qualifies pilots before they apply for their medical certificates."
                                       -Business and Commercial Aviation Magazine

Aviation International News, AIN, on Pilot Medical Solutions and
                                -AIN articles highlighting

"Pilot Medical Solutions has comprehensive aeromedical information via its Web site (
The site has a list of AME's who are actually pilots (being a pilot isn't a requirement for AME certification) and the 'largest list of FAA-approved medications.'"
-Aviation International News


The Experimental Aircraft Association, EAA magazine cites Pilot Medical Solutions.

"Pilot Medical Solutions, a Tulsa, Oklahoma organization, that specializes in assisting aviation medical examiners" Experimental Aircraft Association / EAA Sport Magazine
                                                                                               -EAA Sport Aviation

Private Pilot Magazine

"This company helps pilots protect their medicals"
                                                                                         -Private Pilot Magazine


In FLIGHT Magazine

"The program is confidential and aims to provide pilots with a safe environment for them to face health issues."
                                                                                    -In FLIGHT Magazine


FLYING Magazine features Pilot Medical Solutions.

"Pilot Medical Solutions has a program with the dual objectives of helping pilots get in shape and assisting them in negotiating the medical process."
                                                       -FLYING Magazine

Twin and Turbine Magazine article by David Hale of Pilot Medical Solutions.

"While very few pilots are ultimately denied, many pilots suffer needlessly because they don't prepare or take advantage of help which is available to them."
-Twin & Turbine Magazine


Aviation Space and Environmental Medicine Journal Promotes Pilot Medical Solutions

"Pilot Medical Solutions provides case management services to reduce physician workload and streamline aeromedical certification."
                          -Aviation, Space, and Environmental Medicine Journal

ROTORCRAFT MAGAZINE FAA Medical Certification Article Features

"Pilot Medical Solutions "...A company which assists pilots, AME’s and the FAA by properly preparing all the required medical records and by walking the information through the FAA"
                                                               -ROTORCRAFT Professional

Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, AOPA Magazine Features Pilot Medical Solutions.

"Pilot Medical Solutions will retrieve, organize, and submit medical records from various sources to the FAA in a manner that can facilitate a prompt, favorable response"
                                                                                             -AOPA Pilot Magazine
Pilot Medical Solutions speaks with pilots at AOPA forum


Contact us at 800-699-4457
to confidentially discuss your FAA medical certification issues.


FAA Medical Certification and Aviation Medicine Support for pilots and aviation medical examiners.

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