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AME Support | FAA Compatible EKG Equipment


PILOTS:  Airmen with EKG questions may contact us at 800-699-4457 or via E-Mail to confidentially discuss the details of your case and to establish your eligibility for FAA medical certification.



11/01/2007: Covance recently terminated ECG interpretation services which left many AME's scrambling for service.  The FAA is accepting hard-copy ECG/EKG's either with the FAA examination or separately until the end of November 2007.  A note indicating "Due to Covance" should be attached to the hard-copy ECG.  Compumed provides this service and rental equipment for a monthly fee. 

For more information contact Compumed at 800-421-3395, Extension 123.


Pilot Medical Solutions recently researched FAA-Ready ECG units.  The problem with used units is that regardless of what you buy you often have to purchase a separate modem to transmit to the FAA.  Several units are available online at Ebay and other locations, however, these are often either too old for compatibility or require you to purchase a separate modem which may run about as much as $1000. 

Mortara's hotline can help you determine if a particular unit is compatible and they have 2 units which are "FAA-ready".   The lowest price for a complete set up is $2349 which includes the required modem.  The more expensive unit has larger print out.  Interpretation capability is extra on either model.

For more information contact:
Wendy Wagner
Sales Coordinator
Mortara Instrument
ph.  800.231.7437 ext.405
fax. 414.354.4760

Download FAA ECG Transmission form
Download FAA ECG Transmission Criteria

The following digital electrocardiographs are compliant with the FAA system.

 Burdick  (800) 955-5177
 CompuMed  (800) 421-3395
 GE / Marquette  (800) 558-5120
 HP / Philips Medical  (800) 934-7372
 Mortara /  (800) 231-7437
 Welch Allyn  (800) 535-6663

For more information call (800) 681-8687

or 405-954-4309, 405-954-7683


FAA Medical Certification and Aviation Medicine Support for pilots and aviation medical examiners.

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