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Neuropsychological & Cognitive Function Screening

In cases where psychiatric, psychological or neuropsychological/cognitive function may be in question, the FAA typically requires specific testing such as the Cogscreen®. 

While certain practitioners are preferred, the FAA may accept those with appropriate professional experience and credentials. Likewise, a wide variety of psychiatric, psychological and neuropsychological testing / cognitive screening and cognitive function testing options may be acceptable to the FAA.

These options include but are not limited to:
The Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale, Trail Making Tests, MMPI, R-PAS, (Rorschach), Exner's, MCMI, and the CogScreen.

Contact us to discuss your options and our services.

Pilot Medical Solutions maintains a list of psychiatric & psychological practitioners, including COGSCREEN providers.  Clients are referred to the nearest practitioner.  


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